Photo by K. Gillon

Our Vision

Fever Pitch Design is a full-service Film + Photography + Design company based in Denver. We work with a diverse group of clients, our primary focus and expertise is partnering with companies and organizations to fulfill their design and media needs. We're a one stop shop. We work with clients worldwide, not just in the U.S.A.

Our Story

Kirk is a seasoned film producer/director and cinematographer and is fascinated with advertising and corporate documentaries. When he's not making movies, he's helping local and international companies perfect their brand.  Teamwork. FPD is about team, the experience and culture of creativity.

Synergy while working together as a team... a creative high... a Fever Pitch.... a design agency dedicated to visual design through  Film + Photography + Design.

Fever Pitch Design.

Meet the Team

We're a team where the founders have 35 years of combined award winning experience. We keep it small to keep it personal, no matter the size of your project.

Kirk Gillon


Kirk started as a cinematographer 30 years ago. His film and broadcast television career has put him in various positions: Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Writer and Editor.

Gillon freelanced with national networks ABC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, FOX as a photojournalist/producer. He has had full time marketing producer positions with E.W. Scripps, Sinclair Broadcasting, Nexstar Media Group where he won an Emmy among other accolades over his career.

Years prior Kirk spend 15 years living and working in Lisbon- Portugal which took him to over 29 countries and 4 continents.

Kirk is a seasoned film producer/visual marketing director with an eye for marketing and the understanding of how to tell a story that captivates his audience, especially through emotion.




Graphic Designers

We consult with a team of freelance graphic designers who we know and trust. The advantage to using freelancers top get the job done is being able to bring onboard the right designer for your content.

This also means low overhead for us, which lets us give you more reasonable quotes for your next project.



Motion Picture Editors

We consult with a team of freelance motion picture specialists who we know and trust. Again, just like with graphic design, editors are catered to particular film genres... resulting in excellence in finishing your project... and more room for your budget.

Next Steps...

Pictures in motion with emotion. Design that works for you. Bring your next project to a FEVER PITCH!