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Advertising. Broadcast. Corporate. Vignettes. Documentaries. Web Film-Viral video Campaigns.


Advertising. Architecture. Catalogue. Corporate. Lifestyle. Sports.


Graphic Design: Advertising. Catalogue. Corporate. Fashion. Lifestyle. Print.

The Process

Whether we're producing a film or a graphic design campaign, or both... Everything starts with an idea. The production process is all about taking that idea and merging our creative and technical skills to develop a film script or design that engages viewers.

Fever Pitch Design bridges the gap between a creative agency and a traditional graphic design or video company. It is our deep experience in motion picture production, visual storytelling and design that makes unique. Discovery. Research. Scripting. Concept Development... To shooting or designing, editing and delivery... this is how it works:

pre production

This first step involves planning and development. Before anything is filmed, photographed or designed, we’ll discuss the focus of the media, the audience you want to reach and what you want to achieve. We will go through a collaborative brainstorming process in a first meeting. An exchange of ideas will help define a vision and direction. We will select appropriate filming locations or design elements... the people to be featured, if interviews are needed, and put together a shoot schedule. This entire process, the conversations we have together are essential. It ensures everyone is on the same page. From here, everything else begins to fall into place.


The production/principal photography stage is when filming begins. Nearly everything we shoot is on-location, meaning we use “real” places for an authentic natural look. During the production phase, we focus on creating the shots we need to help tell the story and conduct all our interviews. It is here, where we begin to bring a “style” to the look of the film by the way we direct, compose, light and shoot it. This process also goes with catalogue or brochure design. We do everything to make the story work, on print or on film.

script development

Shooting is complete, now the footage is catalogued, reviewed, interviews are transcribed and a script is developed. We are essentially laying out the flow of the piece... deciding what content stays and what's cut. We also decide what graphics are needed for the film or design. Scripts can sometimes require professional narration, most times it does not as we prefer a more documentary-style approach where the content drives the narrative.


Editing... where the magic happens, here the story comes to life. In our editing suite, the vision we had in those pre-production meetings now takes form. Motion graphics, animation, illustration, music, typography, still images, etc. are some of the techniques and tools we use to translate concepts into reality. Hundreds of decisions must be made, every second and every cut scrutinized... because while we may shoot hours of footage, only a fraction makes it to the final production. The same with design.... it all comes together in the design suite.

final sweetening and delivery

The final phase is where we tweak the film or design, adjusting the colors and adding sound design... Then, depending on the final format our clients want, we will encode the film and or design for delivery... online or to a thumb drive.

Next Steps...

Pictures in motion with emotion. Design that works for you. Bring your next project to a FEVER PITCH!