Film (Digital Cinema)

Film is all about Digital Cinema, video as most call it. We make films, meaningful motion pictures that connect with the heart and keep you connected long after you've seen it.  This is just one of our three strengths with twenty-eight years of award winning experience at getting stories to audiences and making a difference. Viral films + corporate films + advertising. We can tell your story.

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Photography is our second strength. From 24 pictures per second in motion pictures to 1 photo that tells the entire story. Stories in movement... from the ground and even from the air with our drones in 4k quality. Powerful photos that will get your message across for any advertising campaign or product catalogue.

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Design. It's the culmination of all your elements from photography to motion pictures. We put it all together to make sure your print/online media work seamlessly with the rest of your campaign. This makes us your complete package when creating the Fever Pitch for your audience.

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So what is Fever Pitch Design about...

fe·ver pitch
ˈfēvər ˈˌpiCH
  1. a state of extreme excitement.
    "the Apple Keynote crowd was at fever pitch"

Film + Photography + Design's what we do.

Here at Fever Pitch Design we are excited to create extreme excitement for your customers and clients. The founders of FPD have been passionate about storytelling and design for decades... and even more so today. You have an idea on how to promote your company... let us poke holes in that idea, and create a campaign that really works. Our number one advantage is personal service. We're a small group but no project is too big or "out there" for FPD.


Next Steps...

Pictures in motion with emotion. Design that works for you. Bring your next project to a FEVER PITCH!